Discovering that you are pregnant can be an exciting as well as a worrying time. The following information is to try and answer some of the questions you may have:


Before you are pregnant

Pre-conception advice


Pregnancy testing

If you suspect that you are pregnant you can check this with a home testing kit which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

We do not offer a pregnancy testing service except in exceptional circumstances.


Pregnancy and antenatal care

Once you know that you are pregnant you can self refer to Epsom and St Heliers hospital antenatal clinic..  

If however you would rather speak to a GP first then do book an appointment.


Early pregnancy assessment unit (EPAU)

There is an Early pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) at Epsom General hospital or St Heliers hospital which you can contact directly yourself if you have any concerns regarding your pregnancy.

The telephone number for the Epsom EPAU is 01372 735155


Routine antenatal appointments

These will be identified in your care plan by the midwife. These appointments will be either with the midwife or GP. However if you develop complications during your pregnancy these appointments are likely to take place at the hospital.


Postnatal appointment

This will be with your GP at around 6 weeks after the baby is born (if it is more convenient for you to book your postnatal check on the same day as your babies 8 week check this can be arranged by speaking to reception).

If you need to see a GP before this then please do book an appointment.

At the postnatal check your GP will discuss how you are getting on and any queries you may have about yourself. We will also discuss contraception, smear tests and check your blood pressure and examine you if necessary. If you have any queries regarding the baby we will try and address these as well although a separate appointment may be required.

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