We endeavour to give the best service we can but there may be times when you wish to express dissatisfaction or concerns. Experience has shown that most complaints can be resolved satisfactorily within the Practice; only occasionally will an outside body need to be involved. This leaflet outlines the process of how you can make a complaint and what you can expect from the complaints procedure.

At any time during the procedure you can receive additional support from either the local Patient Advice and Liason Service (PALS) or the Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service (ICAS).  Contact details are supplied below.


Initial Contact

If you have a complaint or concern relating to any GP or staff member it may be appropriate to contact that person directly. If not, or the response is unsatisfactory, then a written complaint should be sent to the Practice Manager in which you state your concerns. Complaints must be made within twelve months of the event(s) unless there are valid extenuating circumstances.

We are required to keep a log of all complaints (verbal or written) and these and any ensuing correspondence will be kept separate from your clinical records.

If for any reason you did not wish to deal directly with the Practice, then you should contact NHS England (see below), who would listen to your concerns and advise accordingly.


Practice Response

The Practice will contact you either verbally or in writing within three working days.  This may be just to acknowledge receipt of your complaint if more time is needed to provide a full response.  A reply to your complaint would be sent within a reasonable period of time (usually no longer than ten working days) and this reply would usually include the offer of a meeting to discuss the matter.

Such a meeting would normally involve yourself, the Practice Manager, a GP Partner (if a GP was the subject of a complaint) and the relevant party or parties. At this meeting you may bring a friend or relative to support you.

In the event that the Practice Manager was the subject of complaint then one of the GP Partners would act as chair to the meeting.

At the meeting we would hope to address your concerns fully, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be taken. The outcome of the meeting would be provided to you in written form, including how the matter had been resolved and what action had been, or would be, taken.

If for any reason you did not wish to have a meeting, the Practice would send you a written explanation of the event within ten working days, if this had not already been done.

In either case, if you remained dissatisfied with the response, then you would have the right to take the matter either to NHS England or to the Health Services Ombudsman (see below).


Updated November 2018

This Procedure is compliant with the following documents:

1. Practice-based Complaints Procedures: guidance for general practice, NHSE 1996
2. NHS (GMS) Regulations 1992
3. MDU guide to the NHS Complaints Procedure 2006
4. Updated Regulations April 2009


Contact Details

PALS: 01372 201759

Healthwatch: 0303 303 0023

Health Services Ombudsman: 0345 015 4033

NHS England: 0300 311 22 33

Complaints Manager
NHS  England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

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