Patient car parking at the Health Centre is limited.  The number of spaces provided was the maximum permitted in the planning application.   It may not always be possible to find a car parking space.   We would like to ask our patients, when visiting the health centre, to allow enough time to find alternative parking in case the car park is full when you arrive.  Even better, we would encourage visitors to walk or cycle if at all possible.  Unfortunately, inconsiderate and illegal parking is a big problem at the health centre.  Below are common problems – please would you help us by only parking in the patient spaces and observing the following: 

  • Do not park in the disabled bays unless you are disabled
  • Do not park in front of the main entrance. Emergency vehicles and hospital transport need to park here on a regular basis
  • Do not park on the grass – the ground is very soft and you will get stuck
  • Do not park on, or partly on, the pavement – the paving is being damaged by this sort of parking. It also blocks the path for wheelchairs or buggies
  • Do not park on the cycle park area
  • Do not park such that you block the road through the health centre - larger vehicles often have problems getting through
  • Do not queue into the main road
  • Respect the spaces that are marked for staff only
  • Note that vehicles that are parked illegally may be clamped


Other parking in Ewell village:

Bourne Hall Library Up to 30 mins 30p
  30mins to 1hr 60p
  Up to 2h £1.20
Dorset House Up to 1 hour 40p
(Cheam Road) 2 hours 80p
  3 hours £1.20

Thank you for your co-operation

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